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    Accuracy 0.005mm

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    grasp every detail

    Tri-coordinate instrument detection, data traceability


Let customers appreciate our products as beautiful works of art.

We are constantly pursuing a more optimized overall solution for injection molding systems, constantly pursuing progress, only to achieve a firm belief: to let our customers enjoy our products as beautiful works of art.

SENIM Application industry

SENIM offers you perfectly designed injection moulding machines and turnkey solutions for the efficient, profitable and clean production of packaging articles in any shape, colour or size.

Plastic box


PET preform cap


Spoon fork knife


PPR couplings


Drainage pipe fittings


Thin-wall container



SENIM can give you good service

Free Design

SENIM offer free design. For some standard products, we rely on experience and industry standards to design. For customer's 2D/3D design, we also need to ensure the accuracy of the mold processing and product perfection.

Custom Made

SENIM offer design and manufacture of molds for plastic products.Plastic products can be implemented in any size, weight and thickness of the wall. Our technical capabilities allow you to create plastic products with original, sophisticated design.

One Stop Solution

SENIM exports a wide range of injection molds and injection molding machines to the world. We have a professional design team and an experienced construction team to provide you with one-stop service.

What People Say

  • I like to work with SENIM company, although this is our first cooperation.They are very serious about mould work, this is the most important, and gave us many professional suggestions, It did help a lot to our project.We’d like to have more orders with SEMIM.

    —— Tulkin Vasiev

    Deputy head of procurement department
  • I have a small factory, at beginning I bought injection moulding machine from SENIM, price is good, quality is good, it fits to my needs.More products, I bought machine from them again.This year, ventilator parts moulds, our new project.They have patience, and confirm many times, they all did great job.

    —— Buki Istvan

    Owner, Hungary
  • I don’t have much knowledge about injection moulding machine and mould.Through this cooperation, I learned a lot from analysis report and process report every week.These reports saved me a lot of time and work, I appreciated.Our client satisfied, so are we.Hope to talk with them face to face one day!

    —— Eleonora Pallag

    Manager of trading company, Slovakia

The Latest Stories

We belive in client satisfaction and trust at any cost.We love to make relation rather than business because relation are made for forever.

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  • 3D Printing Mould
    3D Printing Mould
    At present, with the continuous maturity of technology, 3D printing has been applied to automobile, aircraft precision parts manufacturing and other industries.
  • Six Technologies for the Development of Mold Industry
    Six Technologies for the Development of Mold Industry
    Digitized design and manufacture of mould and enterprise information management technology Digitized design and manufacture of mould and enterprise information management technology is internationally recognized as an effective technical means to improve the overall level of the die industry, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of die production, and enhance the comprehensive level and efficiency of enterprises.

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