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Three polishing methods of precision stamping mould

Three polishing methods of precision stamping mould
Update Time:2018-12-17

 Thereare two main purposes for polishing precision stamping mould. One is to increase the brightnessand beauty of precision moulds. The second is to facilitate demoulding.

1.Mechanicalpolishing:It is a polishing method to get a smoothsurface by cutting and plastic deformation of material surface to remove theconvex part after polishing.

2.Electrolyticpolishing:The surface is smooth by selectivelydissolving small projections on the surface of the material.

3.Ultrasonic polishing:The workpiece of precision stamping mould is put into the abrasive suspension and placed in the ultrasonicfield together. The abrasive is grinded and polished on the workpiece surfaceby the oscillation of the ultrasonic wave.